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Mission Statement

To create a safe forum where horses guide people towards physical, psychological and emotional healing.

We will enlist the aid of horses who have experienced hardship, and rehabilitated by Rainhorse. 


In the company of horses, we can reawaken an ancient, healing partnership. Here at Rainhorse, we partner our equine staff with mental health professionals. This partnership allows participants to regain physical, mental, and emotional health. In turn, the healing from this process, allows people to give back to creatures great and small. 

Core Values

Access and inclusion 

– promoting diversity and opportunity in equine-assisted activities and therapies.


Compassion and caring 

– providing a culture of safety, understanding and ethical treatment of humans and horses engaged in equine-assisted activities and therapies.


Multi-species health 

– establishing a forum for humans and horses to share the experience of healing and health.



– promoting quality in all undertakings.



– encouraging and supporting creativity and inquiry.


Integrity and accountability 

– ensuring that all business is based on ethical principles and conducted with transparency.


Developing new understanding of our equine partners’ needs 

– providing a standard of care designed around behavioral science and equine ethology.



– enhancing the value and credibility of the industry.



– providing effective and responsive information and programs to our community.


Adapted from PATH, Intl.

Maria and Skip Eastman

Maria Eastman- Executive Director

Maria is an Advanced Certified Instructor and an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH, Intl.). She has been fully trained by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) as an Equine Specialist. She has developed college curriculum and taught courses in therapeutic horsemanship for both Prescott College, in Prescott, AZ, and for Northwest College, in Powell, WY. She has been riding since she was five, and has been working professionally with horses and people for over 40 years. Maria holds a master’s degree in rangeland ecology/watershed management from the University of New Mexico, with a specialization in native grasses.

Skip Eastman - Farm Manager

Skip brings both equine expertise and the tireless manual work to Rainhorse. Fascinated by the time-honored traditions of the Central California horsemen Tom and Bill Dorrance, he became a long-time student of Ray Hunt. He works from the horse’s point of view; whether he’s starting a colt, or assisting in a Rainhorse program, he’s good at developing a clear, honest relationship with horses and with humans. Skip also is the man behind the scenes at the Oxbow Ranch, creating and maintaining the Rainhorse program home base. He builds our fences, keeps all the machines humming, and puts up many tons of beautiful grass hay.


Jessica Williams, MS, LPC


Jessica is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Open Space Counselling, LLC and has been working with Rainhorse as a contractor since its inception. Jessica grew up with horses, and rode her first horse at age 3. She has a counseling specialization in outdoor, experiential therapies, and is certified through PATH, Intl. as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. 

Rainhorse Board of Directors
Holton Harter- Chair
Sabrina Ochoa- Vice Chair
Sydnee Jamison- Secretary
Kerrie Spinney- Treasurer
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