Equine-Assisted Activities (EAA)

Equine-assisted activities are any specific center activity, e.g.. therapeutic riding, mounted or ground activities, grooming and stable management, shows, parades, demonstrations, etc., in which the center’s clients,

participants, volunteers, instructors and equines are involved.

Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT)

Equine-assisted therapy is treatment that incorporates equine activities and/or the equine environment. Rehabilitative goals related to the patient’s needs and the medical professional’s standards of practice.

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We offer equine-assisted activities and therapies and bring the remarkable healing help of horses to people from all walks of life.


Our services include:

  • Equine-assisted counseling

  • Equine-assisted learning

  • Hippotherapy

  • Therapeutic riding 


Wyoming Veterans’ Warhorse

In 2014, we began a new program of equine-assisted learning for U.S. veterans. Hosted at Rainhorse’s headquarters, the Oxbow Ranch in South Big Horn County, this program offers veterans a chance to experience the calm and healing of both the horses and the ranch. Offered for a full day once a month during the “warm” months of May through October. Veterans hailing from all over Wyoming gather and learn about the traditions of Ray Hunt while visiting and sharing their thoughts and experiences. We break for lunch, and resume our interactive work with the horses in the afternoon, finishing up with a solitary, reflective activity where the participants practice “self-talk” by walking and talking to their horse partners. While we do not provide actual therapy in this program, we do offer veterans a rare and powerful opportunity to decompress, take a breath, and connect with their brothers and sisters in arms. 

Graining The Mare

New in 2014, Rainhorse began offering a program for women called “Graining the Mare” which is also hosted at the Oxbow Ranch. This program is designed for women of all ages, from a variety of socio-economic groups. The women who participate in this program come from a wide range of needs, encompassed within all kinds of life events and/or transitions. Our Graining the Mare group follows a curriculum of groundwork, teamwork: activities designed to enhance connection between horse and human, which in turn regularly results in a sense of peace, and personal empowerment. Graining the Mare comes together for a half- day, once a month during the “warm” months of May through October.

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