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The Legend of Gandalf the Pony

This Legend was written as part of the "Horse Tales" Program at the Wyoming Retirement Center. Residents were involved in generating this content and also interacting with Gabby and Gandalf, Rainhorse's two therapeutic service ponies.

Gandalf the Pony lived in a big old barn surrounded by Grass and Trees, next to a River. Although it was a beautiful place to live, there was sometimes a lot of Mud, and Maria, who lived nearby, did not like the Mud one bit.

One spring, Drought spread across the Land. Grass, that was usually at least a foot high, lay dead on the Ground. Even the River was drying up.

All the people hoped for Rain. Some of them even tried doing a Rain Dance. But alas, the Rain did not come.

But then the Pony named Gandalf flew in from the North. He was short, but he was a Wizard. He had long flowing blond hair, and his nickname was Fabio.

When Gandalf saw that the Land and the Grass, the Trees, the River, the Mud and the People needed Rain, he did a Raindance to the Music of the Navajo Sun God.

And the Rain came. Even Maria didn't mind the Mud.

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