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#Giving Tuesday

As we enter the giving season, everyone is asking for money. So, who do you give to? Here's a few ideas to ponder that may help guide your generous giving this holiday:

  1. Are you passionate about the cause of what you are giving to? Most likely, you are like us and you love horses, so giving to horse rescues or a horse therapy service, like Rainhorse, is a good fit. When you give to an equine program, your money can often be designated to go to a special horse or program.

  2. A small monthly amount can really help non-profits with their bills. Remember, you don't have to give a large amount of money to make a big impact. A small monthly donation can really help non-profits pay bills and care for their causes. Rainhorse relies on monthly donors, it keeps hay in the barn, gas in the truck and tires on the horse trailer - and so much more. In our book, monthly donors are heroes!

  3. Giving can connect you to a community! When you make a gift to a local non-profit, you are instantly a part of their community. You'll become part of their network, receive updates on their programs and be invited to special events. It's a great way to be part of your local community. At Rainhorse, we host an "Open Barn" and do special events and it's always fun to get to meet up with our supporters in person and make new friends.

A Wyoming Retirement Center program participant giving Rainhorse Coco a kiss. Maria Lisa Eastman, program director is pictured on the right.

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