Rosie is a talented Rainhorse and we are honored to have her as part of our program. 



Meet our Equine Partners

Please help a Rainhorse today! We are hoping to raise $12,000 before the end of the year to cover winter expenses and get some barn repairs done. 
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Our cost to keep one Rainhorse healthy and happy is between $250-$300/month.

Rainhorse sponsorships pay for our equine care, including:

  •        Feed (hay, grain, pasture)

  •        Supplements

  •        Farrier

  •        Routine veterinary care (vaccinations and worming)

  •        Grooming and exercise


You may choose a level of sponsorship that fits your individual budget. On each horse's individual page, we've provided REAL costs for each horse. Some horses need more special care than others, so costs do vary.  All of our horses receive the finest care possible.

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Emmy is an American Quarter Horse, and our herd "Grandmare" but she sure doesn't act her age! At 29 years, Emmy is our herd elder, in both age, life experience, and wisdom. Emmy came to us after a life filled with mis-understanding and violence. She still bears the many scars of her encounters with the wrong kind of human, but, now healed in body and soul, she offers her great kindness and beauty to those most in need of healing. Emmy gives us a true example of what forgiveness really means. And, although slowed somewhat by her advanced arthritis, she's still in the lead, galloping out to morning pasture.



A retired Thoroughbred racehorse, Coco is named for Coco Channel, since she is cool and stylish. Click on Coco's image to find out more about this classic beauty.

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Finnegan (Finnegan's Flame) was born for the world of Thoroughbred racing, but never ran a race. She has a huge, kind heart, and plenty of common sense to boot. 

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Gabriella (Gabby for short) is a miniature horse who is the sweetest sweetheart ever. She loves everyone she meets, from babies to elders. 



Gandalf is a miniature horse who has the prettiest white eyelashes in the world. Gandalf cheers you up just with his presence.  



Daylight is an American Quarter Horse, born and bred in Wyoming. Daylight has a Master's degree in equine-assisted counseling! She has changed lives of many people participating in Rainhorse therapy programs. 



Rosie is a 25 year-old registered American Quarter Horse. She grew up on a huge ranch in northern New Mexico where she ran wild until she was 2 years old. She is the lead mare in our herd, meaning she is the real boss. She is a very gentle leader, and runs the herd with calmness and kindness. What it might take other horses to say with a nasty shake of the head or a kick, Rosie says with a small turn of her ear. We credit Rosie with the calm nature of our herd.