Coco is a beautiful, tall, bay 20 yr. old Thoroughbred mare  who is named after the iconic Coco Channel. She has long, elegant legs and a cool attitude towards life's ups and downs. Coco had many careers before coming to live and work with Rainhorse. She began as a racehorse, then became a three-day event horse. After an injury, she served as a broodmare and has borne many talented foals. Coco has been through a lot, and is a peaceful lady who takes her time to decide if you are worthy of her trust and affection. She is pictured here enjoying a laugh with one of the veterans she met in one of our workshops.

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Here are some of Coco's costs. She gets special supplements to help her digestion and her aches and pains.

$ 42.00 will keep Coco in health supplements for one month.

$ 67.00 will buy Coco fresh, fragrant hay for one month.

$ 259.00 will cover all Coco's expenses for one month.

$ 3,108.00 will cover all Coco's expenses for one year.

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