We offer equine assisted activities and therapies to bring the remarkable healing of horses to people from all walks of life...


"The horse will teach you if you'll listen"-Ray Hunt



Our daily horse care needs continue to grow.  Each of our eight horses require $250 to $300 each month for basic food and health care.   If you would like to sponsor a Rainhorse with a monthly donation of any amount, we would be grateful.

Our equine staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are retired from careers on the race track or show ring. Some come from owners unable to care for them; others come from the ever growing number of unwanted horses across country. 
Rainhorse Supporters

Other Supporters;

  • The Thoroughbred Charities of America

  • Newell B. Sargent Foundation

  • The Wyoming Community Foundation

  • The Wyoming Women's Foundation

  • The William Ewing Foundation

  • St. Andrew’s Neat Repeats

  • The Bargain Box

  • The Waskakie Hospital Foundation

  • And our generous private donors

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